21. November 2014

Open Sourcing Mental Illness - On Depression and Addiction

This talk runs under Ed Finkler‘s Banner of Open Sourcing Mental Illness, who has been running these types of talks for over a year now. Ed talks very broadly on the subject, while still backing it up with his personal stories.

I’d like to mirror his work under that banner: I’d like to talk about depression, and addiction: Open source is work. Not just a work of passion, but real actual work. And it can be taxing. I’d like to discuss how.

Content Warnings galore: The topics I discuss and the stories I tell can be triggering. I am perfectly happy answering questions, but not everyone will be comfortable asking. You can always seek me outside of this talk.


02. November 2014


sometimes when i picture our dystopian apocalyptic future, i picture a world in which workers don’t unite.


29. September 2014

late night thoughts on foss

open source has been stressing me out recently. or rather: it’s been unable to provide a counter-weight to balance my other two jobs.