29. September 2014

late night thoughts on foss

open source has been stressing me out recently. or rather: it’s been unable to provide a counter-weight to balance my other two jobs.


06. September 2014

how i use twitter

over the past couple of weeks i’ve noticed a number of things with regard to my use of twitter. some of it troubling, others enlightening. currently, there’s an unrelenting stream (see what i did there?) of people opining on twitter (the company) making changes to twitter (the service). i’d like to add to this stream with personal observations.


24. July 2014

closing thoughts on oop

From time to time I say something semi-interesting on twitter, and then get sucked into very interesting discussions:

This one was about teaching young people how to code using non-programming examples in the real world. We also touched on OOP.

I have thoughts on OOP.