06. September 2014

how i use twitter

over the past couple of weeks i’ve noticed a number of things with regard to my use of twitter. some of it troubling, others enlightening. currently, there’s an unrelenting stream (see what i did there?) of people opining on twitter (the company) making changes to twitter (the service). i’d like to add to this stream with personal observations.


24. July 2014

closing thoughts on oop

From time to time I say something semi-interesting on twitter, and then get sucked into very interesting discussions:

This one was about teaching young people how to code using non-programming examples in the real world. We also touched on OOP.

I have thoughts on OOP.


18. June 2014

alphabet soup

Can you believe that there are people out there who complain about LGBT being too PC? And about how adding more letters to this alphabet soup is just PC gone wild. I for one, don’t believe in “too PC”. I believe in being inclusive as fuck. Because life is way short for anything else.

My favourite flavour of alphabet soup is QUILTBAG. I don’t even remember where I first stumbled across the phrase, I’d just like to save it here in this space as a reminder for myself.


04. May 2014

not quite meritocracy

Not quite Meritocracy

Over the past couple of months the debate around “meritocracy” that has existed of a few years now has intensified.

Even though it has been long exposed that its root lie in satire, there are still those of us who want to hold onto The Ideal of Meritocracy. However, if you dare looking underneath the cover of the ideal you’ll notice that


09. April 2014


I feel restless
When the new
Always more exciting than the old
Grips me and drags me away
I feel guilty
Abandoning my